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The Place to get RSN GEAR and stuff the Stars wear!

Nick Macri doll-$3.00
Mickey Gardella doll-$3.00
Jon Guzman doll-$3.00
Sean Ryan & Brian Murphy All-State dolls - $3.00 for each
Customized RSN Shirts-$5.00
Rutherford Babe Ruth 2003 State Champs shirts - $3.00
2004 Brendan Dolaghan Championship doll- $3.00 (add $4 for autograph)
2005 RLL Town Championship Game- $10 (DVD)*
Jake McAllister 2004-2005 Highlight Video- $10 *

2005 Rutherford National 12's Games * Complete Series: $50
Save $5 when you purchase a TC DVD online together
Now Also Available: Vinny Mazzaro and Jeff Bayse State Championship and Gia O'Keefe 1000 pt. Club Dolls

NOW AVAILABLE: 2005 Varsity Baseball STATE DVD


To order email us at rutherfordsportsnet@gmail.com or sign the guestbook with your order.
To order a catolag email us at rutherfordsportsnet@gmail.com.
Also view the Productions page for more videos.
* VHS Tapes are $12 for all productions