Yearbook Picture will be taken following Winter Pep Rally

Heroes & Cool Kids is an organization that stresses student leadership to younger students. High school students (11th/12 Grades) attend 3 training stations at BCC. Following each training session, a Heroes and Cool Kids leader will make an in house trip to the high school. Following the in house trip, the students take trips to the middle schools to visit 6th and 8th graders. The first visitation involves bullying and to get to know the students. On the 2nd visitation, the high school students talk about sportmanship. On the 3rd and final trip in the spring, the topic is Drugs and Alcohol.

The next trip to the Middle Schools will be on Dec. 20th 8:50-10:15.
The next trip to the BCC will be on _______
The next in-house training session will be on ______
Contact Julie Davis or Matt Small if you have any questions.