RSN College Recruitment Taping Service

RSN offers taping of individual athletes to send to college coaches across the country. There is a choice of VHS or DVD media. The tape can be either a straight game or edited into a highlight. Highlights can and may included text, graphics, stats, and music. Included in a package, the athlete may choose to have a player profile online including pictures, stats, and bio's. Also available is the ability to post the highlight online onto the RSN website and Google Video. Depending on packages, prices may range from $35 to $150. RSN offers very quality deals, because of the low cost of expensives and the great employees. Contact RSN by email at Contact Matt Small (email- or phone- 201-232-3091) or Nick Macri (phone- 201-939-6965) for more information. Schedules are needed for non-Rutherford High School athletes.