Rutherford 13 yr. old Fall Ball Team

This site now has the UPDATED Schedule!

1st Weekend

13 yr. old Fall Ball started out differently this year. Not only a new coach, put the team put up a goose egg in the first game. Ramsey came into Rutherford and put up 4 runs, 1 earned, and held the Hitting Rebels to only 1 hit coming in the bottom of the 7th. The game on Sunday went similar to Friday's game. After topping 100 pitches on the 1st weekend, Segro slowed down. After multiple fielding erros while Segro and Schneider were on the mound led to big innings. Paskas game in and gave up a HR to a Frosh player. With the top of the order in the 5th, Segro knocked Gaschke in from 2nd, for the first run.

A Week Away

With the season a week away, the new 13's look to continue the traditon set back in the fall of 2001, of Rutherford reaching the championship and winning in 2002. New manager, John Pimont join Tommy Reynolds and Matt Small for the 2005 season. Rob Neilly stepped down as coach after a 2nd place finish in 2004.